Estate Salesand  Services LLC

We are a licensed full service professional liquidation company with a combined experience of more than 20 years working with families,

attorneys, realtors, and health care communities.

 Our team is dedicated to doing the best possible job for youas we understand

 how overwhelming this task is.

 You can be assured we will act as your onsite advocate.

  Perhaps a loved one has passed, or you' re  downsizing or even plan

 to leave the ares we tailor our services to fit your needs.

 We offer free consultation to have you tell us what your needs are and we  

 explain what our services cover, how much we charge and when we can  

 complete the liquidation for you.

 We appraise, research, auction and sell all as part of our services


There is nothing for you to do except remove what you want. 

We ask that you please do not feel compelled to clean and throw out 

items as that is part of our services and while it may be of no value to you

it may be for someone else.